Symbionaz Auto Repair Is Pleased to Announce that It Has Tied Up with Lakewood Towing Services

Arthur Symbionaz, the owner and operator of Symbionaz Auto Repair in Lakewood, Colorado, officially announced today that his company has signed a tie-up agreement with

Lakewood Towing Company

Symbionaz and Lakewood Towing have been working together closely for many years, but their relationship has always been an unofficial one. Now, however, it will become more official.

According to the stipulations of the tie-up contract, Lakewood Towing will bring all broken down and/or accident-involved vehicles to Symbionaz Auto Repair, unless the owner of the vehicle requests otherwise.

For its part, Symbionaz Auto Repair will turn to Lakewood Towing for all its towing needs.




This important new agreement is the kind of thing that vehicle owners have come to expect from Sybionaz Auto Repair, which is not only the largest but arguably the most forward-looking auto repair company in Lakewood, and maybe even in the entire Denver Metropolitan Area.

Arthur Symbionaz established the company 30 years ago, when he was only 19 years old.

From the beginning he made it clear that his auto repair shop was going to be different than any other auto repair shop in town.

He began by painting his building candy apple red.

The building was a rundown structure down on West 2nd Avenue, which he was able to rent for virtually nothing. He renovated and fixed it up it himself, and then painted it that bright screaming red.

And then he put on top of it a huge, bright yellow flashing neon sign that shrieked “Sybionaz Auto Repair!”

People quickly began to take notice; this was not a sign that anyone could fail to see.

But Symbionaz Auto Repair was not just Show, it was also Go; it turned out that Arthur Symbionaz was a genius mechanic. And not only that, he was a fair mechanic too.

It didn’t take long for everyone to begin noticing that Arthur Symbionaz always did a fantastic job, and he did it for an unbelievable price.

And thus it was that Symbionaz Auto Repair began to grow. And in the last 30 years that growth has never stopped.